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Thanksgiving 2017 with Aunt Carolyn & Family

around the table

To Egypt with Aunt Carolyn, March 9-23, 2017
Camel ride to visit the pyramids at Giza

camel ride


To France with Aunt Carolyn
April 23 ~ May 4, 2016
More photos, Day 1

Eiffel tower  Eiffel Tower

Left: River Walk to Eiffel Tower ~ Right: Evening view from hotel

Carolyn  Anne

Carolyn & Anne at the Eiffel Tower

Normandy  Chateau Gaillard

Left: The American Cemetery at Normandy
Right: Chateau Gaillard, Les Andelys ~ built by Richard the Lionheart
beginning in 1196 (Locksley says we're distantly related to Richard the Lionheart.)