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Biltmore Estate Visits

Click on all photos for larger images (unless indicated otherwise). Until late 2015, photos were not allowed in the house.

We saw wedding preparations or photo sessions every visit from spring to December 2015 - no idea how much this costs!! One time there were at least three. Two visits the bridesmaids had on the same (ugly) gray chiffon dresses.

December 5, 2015 ~ Sunny Day ~ We had lunch at the Stable Café & walk in the walled garden.

lion Pisgah plants
Lion left of entrance Mt. Pisgah and smoke in the valley Along walk to conservatory
conservatory walled garden walled garden
View of Conservatory
seen only in winter
Left side of walled garden Right side of walled garden

November 14, 2015 ~ Sunny Day ~ Tour the house to see Christmas trees and decorations. Lunch at the Stable Café & walk in walled garden and conservatory. There were many different poinsettias in the conservatory.

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The house tulip trees and Italian garden walled garden
poinsettia tree white poinsettias conservatory

September 26, 2015 ~ Cloudy Day ~ Lunch at the Stable Café & walk in walled garden and conservatory

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red leaves along path statue of Diana house from statue of Diana
view of mountains and clouds walled garden orchids in conservatory

August 12, 2015 ~ To Biltmore with Jill Stubblefield

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Jill Stubblefield view from the Ramp Douce lilies
orchids The walled garden walled garden

August 8, 2015 ~ Lunch at the Stable Café & walk in the Italian Garden to see the water lillies and in the shrub garden. Quite warm! We kept looking for shade!

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purple lily pink lily yellow lilly with bee
little white flowers koi pink lilies

June 6, 2015 ~ Walking in the Gardens

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walled garden 2 walled garden walled garden
Walled Garden (left side from house) Walled Garden (right side from house)
orange rose with bug hummingbird
Orange rose with pollinator Hummingbird in the conservatory ~ Brett heard it before he saw it.

May 2, 2015 ~ Brett treated me to an early Mother's Day lunch at the Stable Café. We walked through the gardens after we ate.

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Mt. Pisgah iris purple leaf beech
Mt. Pisgah Iris in the Italian Garden Purple Leaf European Beech
Fagus sylvatica 'Atropunicea'
tree peony peony azaleas along walk
Tree Peony ~ Paeonia Yagumo Tree Peony ~ Paeonia Kinkahu Azaleas

April 4, 2015 ~ Lunch with Mollie & Joe at the Stable Cafe. Another visit to house to see the Downton Abbey costumes. Walked through conservatory and walled garden to see the plants and flowers.

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turtle flowering tree pink stripe orchid
Turtle in the wall Flowering tree near stable Peach orchid
yellow orchid view of house form Shrub Garden walled garden
Yellow orchid The Shrub Garden The Walled Garden

February 28, 2015 ~ Visit to house to see the Downton Abbey costumes ~ It was too cold to walk in the gardens!

house and lagoon reflections house
  Reflections in the Lagoon  
house island lagoon

September 20, 2014 ~ Beautiful Day ~ West Range Tour & the Lagoon

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Angus cattle house
Angus cattle House about 3 miles away across pasture House reflected in lagoon

March 31, 2014 ~ Excursion with Sophie

February 15, 2014 ~ Snowy Day

house bass  pond bass pond

January 4, 2014

Biltmore boys with ice cream back of house
Biltmore House The ice cream is great!! Fellow visitors
Ethan (age 6) and Adam (4) with dad Jesse
Rear view of house
greese on the lake geese geese on the ice
Geese walking on the icy lake

More Information: Canada Geese, National Geographic

December 16, 2013
Excursion with Sophie

Sunny day at Biltmore Reflections Rear view
Biltmore House

September 7, 2013 ~ The Gardens

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the garden lilies & clouds Victorian lily blossom
The Italian Garden seen from the house Pink lilies in the clouds Victorian lillies
walled garden tree and plants bees on yellow flowers
The Walled Garden

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All photos by Anne S. Napier, unless indicated otherwise.

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