Stubblefield Family Reunion at the Stubblefield Family Farm
and Viola Valley Homecoming, Viola, Tennessee

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Founding of the Stubblefield Farms

Descendants of William and Wilmuth Stubblefield, founders of the farm,
J.R. & Sallie Stubblefield, and Jeff & Mollie Hall

200 years sign

reunion logo

The reunion was great! It was cloudy but it didn't rain, and the heat & humidity weren't unbearable. Attendance was the most ever with 106 family members. The reunion logo (left) was designed by Bryan Stubblefield, son of Jim & Beth.

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Click on all photos for larger images.

old truck Wilmuth Wilmuth talking
Herman H. Stubblefield's truck (passed on to Uncle Charles & Jim) ~ Photo by Brett Hostess Carolyn as Wilmuth ~ Photo by Dale Wilmuth telling about her life
Jim Steve Herman
Jim ~ Welcome and safety instructions Steve S. Herman S.
Above & below ~ Relating memories of the farm
Locksley Larry Jack
Locksley S. telling about genealogy CD Larry Pirtle Jack S.
Ray Doug saddle
Ray Russell Doug telling about J.R.'s gun
Photo by Dale
J.R.'s saddlebags (one of at least two)
Photo by Madison S.
Grant's family Herman's family Howard's family
Grant's Family Herman Powell's Family Howard's Family
Family group photos above are also on Reunion Page 2 as larger images with captions.
Pirtle family youngest member Big brother
Four generations of the Pirtle Family Elizabeth, 95, is the oldest Stubblefield family member. Henry, the youngest family member, born May 8, 2014, with his father John Stubblefield Henry's big brother John Stephen with cousin Landon
Herman H Stubblefield family Sarah & Dale Mary & Alvin
Herman H. Stubblefield Family: Brett Napier. Herman, Locksley, Anne Napier, Landon, Madison. Herman, 93, is the only one now living who was born on the farm. Sarah Collier with son Dale, who came the farthest distance. He lives in Gruendau, Germany, 5,096.4 miles to Elgin, OK, where Sarah lives. They travelled 816 miles from Elgin to Viola. Dale's one-way trip was 11,825 miles, not including any local miles in OK or TN. Mary Catherine & Alvin Moudy, daughter Carolyn & granddaughter Rebecca Bloodworth came second farthest, from
Happy, Texas, 1,043 miles from Viola.
5 named Grant Bufford family Collier family
Grant namesakes Bufford Family: Grant, Doug, Rose, John, LaNelle, Vicki Brown Collier Family: Ursula, Daniel, Julia, Dale, Sarah, Herman S., and David
Photos below by Locksley S. except as noted
Jim & Beth Jack & Elizabeth Jimmy
Beth & Jim Jack & Elizabeth Jimmy
Kent & daughter Natalie Dianne & Natalie newly-weds Laura & Eric
Left: Kent & Natalie ~ Right Diane & Natalie ~ Photos from Diane's FB page Laura & Eric
Russell siblings Moudy family Sarah
Ray, Julie & Jeanne Janet Crossland, Carolyn Bloodworth
Mary Catherine & Alvin
Sarah Collier
Hall descendants Trish & Pam Jordan
John & Susan Thompson, Pam Wallace, Trish Woolwine and John Hall ~ Photo by Dale Trish & Pam
Photo by Locksley
Jordan S. ~ Photo by David Collier
Carolyn Steve & Alvin Mary Catherine & Jill
Carolyn Steve & Alvin Mary Catherine & Jill
Photo by Janet Crossland

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Photos by Anne S. Napier, Brett Napier, Dale Collier, Madison & Locksley Stubblefield. Credit is given for photos I'm sure I know who took the picture. Photos without specific credit were taken with Anne's camera, by Anne or Madison & others (the group photos that include us). David Collier & Janet Crossland also shared photos. Thanks to all who helped.

Updated September 18, 2014