Linville Caverns

Flash photography was not allowed. I was surprised that these photos turned out as well as they did. Except for resizing, none of these images was edited.

Tour guide cave within a cave room
Beginning of tour at Linville Caverns Hole in the wall Room
bottomless river wall big green rock
Bottomless waterhole ~ Another view Slanted wall Green rock
more green rock brown formation Multi-colors
Another green formation Streamers & boulder Multi-colors & best photo in the cave
green streaks fossil Sophie in cave
White, pink with green (algae?) Fossil sand dollar (round area) Sophie on the way out of caverns.

Linville Falls and Blue Ridge Parkway

sign trail ?
Linville Falls sign at beginning of trail Sophie in the distance Fall berries
asters Sophie on the trail waiting
A banner year for asters Sophie farther in the distance Sophie waiting
viewing area falls river
The fence was removed a few days after we were there. There's now a new viewing area. Upper Falls overlook Water and rocks
top of falls big rocks Sophie
More water & rocks Trail from overlook to main trail
tree roots falls falls
Main trail The falls from second overlook
Sophie Anne Linviolle Gorge
Sophie Anne Linville River Gorge
plants Sophie trail
Partridge berry ~ Mitchella repens Sophie going on ahead Trail
river Linville River Linville River
The river from trail The river from bridge at beginning/end of trail
Bear Den sign view Black Mountains sign
Bear Den sign ~ no larger image View from Bear Den overlook Black Mountains Sign ~ no larger image
view goldenrod view
Black Mountains Overlook
Craggy Gardens Craggy Gardens view
Craggy Gardens Sign on east side of road Craggy Gardens view on west side Lane Pinnacle Sign ~ no larger image
View equipment another Lane Pinnacle view
Lane Pinnacle view Equipment left behind ~ nobody in sight Lane Pinnacle View
clouds Another view
Another direction - mountain shrouded in clouds A different view from Lane Pinnacle overlook Last Stop ~ Folk Art Center

More Information

Blue Ridge Parkway ~ National Park Service
Linville Caverns
Linville Falls ~ US Forest Service
Linville Falls ~ Blue Ridge National Heritage Area
Blue Ridge Parkway Weather

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Header Photo Credits: All Anne S. Napier except Niagara Falls by Herman Stubblefield.

Photos by Anne S. Napier & companions
Updated December 30, 2014