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The reunion was a huge success!
Thanks to the committee for their excellent planning.

Friday, October 25, 4:00 PM ~ Barbeque at New Providence Presbyterian Church, followed by MHS football game or visiting at Marty's. Photos below.

Saturday morning, October 26, 9:00 AM – Visit MHS - Tour led by John Kerr. (No photos)

Saturday evening, October 26, 5:30 PM – Gathering at Smith Life Event Center. Catered by Chef Tony's Catering.
Judy Mizelle's Memories and History Presentation

Note: Thanks to all who have shared pictures. Apologies to those whose photos aren't included. Either we missed getting a picture of you or you would have hated the ones we got. Full-size images linked below each photo are available to download. If you need instructions, look at this page.

Mollie & Bill Joe, Bonnie, Susan, Ray David B & Steve D
Mollie & Bill getting ready ~ IMG_5242 Joe & Bonnie Jane, (Susan P) & Ray Cline ~ IMG_5243 David Black & Steve Dorner ~ IMG_5244
group Susan, Melvin & Judy The Holloways
Visiting ~ IMG_5247 Susan Hudson, Melvin Stinnet, Judy Mizell ~ IMG_5249 Betty & Newt Holloway ~ IMG_5252
group ChristineL & Susan LW group
Getting reaquainted ~ IMG_5253 Christine Lindsey & Susan White ~ IMG_5254 Dennis Ryniec (left) & others ~ IMG_5255
Libby & Judy Kris & Lovealls Johnny, Frank M., Charlene
Libby Bailey & Judy ~ IMG_5257 Kris Crocker, Douglas & Linda Loveall ~ IMG_5258 Johnny E, Frank March, Charlene M. ~ IMG_5259
John K. & Mickey David & Lana Suzanne & Bill
John Kerr & Mickey Carringer ~ IMG_5260 David Thacker & Lana Bodem ~ IMG_5261 Suzanne McCaslin, Bill & Others ~ IMG_5265
Ed Group Sam F & John Eldridge
Ed Harmon ~ IMG_5264 Mollie, Dennis, Susan, & Libby ~ IMG_5270 Sam Furrow, Steve Shields, John Eldridge ~ IMG_5271
The Studleys caterers Holy Smokers
Bob & Judy Studley ~ IMG_5272 The Holy Smokers from St. John's Episcopal Church in Knoxville ~ IMG_5268, IMG_5269
" " " " " "
Judy Studley, Christine Lindsey, Ann & Sam Furrow ~ rs-001 ~ Photos in this row by Bob Studley rs-002 rs-003
" " " " Steve Shields
rs-005 ~ Photos in this row by Bob Studley rs-008 Steve Shields ~ rs-007
Susan H., Chipper Edwards, Suzanne McCaslin ~
scm-photo-1-31 ~ Photos in this row by Si McCaslin
At Marty & David's after dinner ~ scm-photo-2-20 ~ scm-photo-2-21 ~ scm-photo-2-28

The 50th Year Class Book is available. Download Page

2013 50th Reunion Friday | Reunion Saturday | Memories & History | 50th Year Class Book | Reunion Info

Photos by Anne S. Napier except as noted
Updated April 10, 2015

Updated May 21, 2013