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Stubblefield Family Reunion at the Stubblefield Family Farm
and Viola Valley Homecoming, Viola, Tennessee

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Farm & Viola

Farm photos below taken July 7-9, 2014, by Anne S. Napier

Click on all photos for larger images.

the farm house barn
The farm with the Cumberlands in the background (view from Viola Cemetery) J.R.'s house circa 1897 (now Carolyn's) The barn ~ built in 1906
view from front fields well house
View from front porch View from side of house - Steve's barn Well dug in 1885. New well house built in 2012 with stones from the old house.
cemetery the creek dragonflies
Stubblefield cemetery Hickory Creek Black dragonflies at the creek
The Old House


The Old House, built circa 1863. My dad Herman Hall Stubblefield and his brothers James & Charles were born in this house. Drawing by Remelle Davis from a photo taken by Herman P. Stubblefield (my grandfather) in the early 1900s.

Photos of the Farm & Viola taken August 8 & 9, 2014

Photos by Dale except as noted.

The new well house Placque valley view
The old house on was just beyond the well.
Photo by Madison.
Placque on new well house
Photo by Madison.
Threatening skies ~ Photo by Madison.
barns tractor tractor & mower
The old and new barns ~ Photo by Madison International Harvestor McCormick Farmall Tractor
Photos by ASN
David Collier Sarah & John Cemetery sign
David, mower & soybean field Sarah Collier & John Hall Sign
John & Sarah road to cemetery Stubblefield cemetery
Sarah & John walking to Stubblefield Graveyard Stubblefield Family Cemetery
Louisa's grave William's grave Wilmuth's grave
Louisa Stubblefield
Oct. 30, 1827 - January 22, 1849
William Stubblefield
June 4, 1773 - December 15, 1858
Wilmerth Bond Stubblefield (Wilmoth or Wilmuth) ~ 1785 - January 11, 1850
MAS RL & MJCS Steve's barn
Maria Adelaide Stout
Jan. 3, 1840 - June 20, 1900
Photo by Madison
Robert Locksley ~ Feb. 1, 1824 - Nov. 20, 1909 & Mary Jane Catherine Stout ~
Jan. 1, 1830 - Mar. 5, 1926
View of Herman's barn from Stubblefield
cemetery (now Steve's barn)
community center creek creek
View of Viola Community Center
from cemetery
Hickory Creek
John's dogs creek barn from creek
John's dogs playing in the creek The creek ~ Photo by Madison View from creek ~ Photo by Madison
J.R. & Sallie's grave View from cemetery Ramsey farm
Viola Cemetery
J.R. Stubblefield ~ March 8, 1961 - April 2, 1950 & Sarah Surrelda Campbell (Sallie) ~ July 21, 1862 - Feb. 1, 1925
Photo by Madison
View of Ramsey cornfield & Stubblefield Farm from cemetery ~ Photo by Madison View of Ramsey Farm & house
from cemetery
Bouldin Street house Herman P. farmhouse farm house
House on Bouldin Street where
Aunt Sarah was born ~ Photo by Locksley
Sarah at Herman P. and Mamie's farm house where the family moved when
Herman Hall was about 10 years old and Sarah a little younger.
Herman & Mamie's grandaughter Sandy now owns the house.
driveway outbuildng old bell
Driveway beside house Old outbuilding behind house Farm bell
Steve's field 1 Steve's field 2 barn
Views of field and barn of the Herman P. Stubblefield farm, now owned by Steve Stubblefield. It adjoins the farm owned by Carolyn.
Steve's house Hwy 108 Jeff Hall house
Steve and Jill's house TN Hwy 108 in front of Sandy's house looking toward Viola. The Winton house built by my great-grandfather Jeff Hall. It's between Granddad's house & the Viola Cemetery.
Viola sign the park
Viola City Limit Viola Park & Town Hall
Street in front of Post Office &
City Market in background
Corner at post office & bank Aunt Sarah at Viola's Best Restaurant
showers Church of Christ Methodist church
Watching it rain from the restaurant Viola Church of Christ
My first church. I always wanted
to sit with Grandmom.
Viola United Methodist Church
Aunt Sarah viola
After the rain at church building.
Bank drive-thru window in brick building
Bank, Viola's Best Restaurant, United States Post Office (open 12-4)
Cousin Sandy is the post mistress.

2014 Reunion Home | Group Photos | More Reunion Photos | Farm & Viola | Viola Homecoming Parade | Reunion Summary

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Photos by Anne S. Napier, Brett Napier, Dale Collier, Madison & Locksley Stubblefield. Credit is given for photos I'm sure I know who took the picture. Photos without specific credit were taken with Anne's camera, by Anne or Madison & others (the group photos that include us). David Collier & Janet Crossland also shared photos. Thanks to all who helped.

Updated March 8, 2015