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Stubblefield Family Reunion

Saturday, August 9, 2014

All pictured below (except spouses & guests) are descendants of
William & Wilmuth Stubblefield & J.R. & Sallie Stubblefield

Herman's Family

Descendants of Herman Powell (1894-1989) and Mamie Hall (1897-1991) Stubblefield

Herman's family

Front Row, L-R: Brad S., Ursula, Dale, Julia Collier & dog, Sarah Collier, Jordan S., Herman S., Anne Napier,
Natalie & Diane S., Carolyn S., Johnny & Jane Kaylor, Jill, John Stephen & Steve S.

Second Row: Scott & Jonathan S., Beth, Grant, Jim & Bryan S., Kent S., Laura & Eric Heldreth, John Kaylor,
Brett Napier, Landon S., Madison S. Missing: David & Daniel Collier & Locksley S. (Click on names for their photos.)

Howard's Family

Descendants of Howard Gowan (1896-1972) and Annie Hughes (1900-1996) Stubblefield

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Front Row, L-R: Elizabeth S. Pirtle, Riley Durbin

Second Row: Doug Bufford, Caroll Berry, LaNelle Bufford, Vicki Brown, Abby Jordan, Jack & Betty S., Rainey Pirtle

Third Row: Grant Bufford, John & Rose Bufford, Larry Pirtle, Hayley, Allison & Chad Jordan,
Tim Durbin, Glenna Johnson, Karen Durbin

Pirtle Family Four Generations

Pirtle Family

Front Row, L-R: Riley Pirtle, Elizabeth Pirtle, Abby Jordan, Charlotte Pirtle

Second Row: Tim Durbin, Rainey Pirtle, Karen Durbin, Chad Jordan, Caroll Berry,
Alison & Hayley Jordan, Larry Pirtle

Grant's Family

Descendants of James Grant (1901-1980) and Hazel Woodson King (1906-1995) Stubblefield

Grant's family

Front Row, L-R: Ken & Lisa Lindsey, Rebecca Bloodworth, Mary Catherine Moudy, Tanya & Layla S., Jeanne Newton,
Carolyn Bloodworth, Claire & Grant Williamson, Carol & Carl Russell, Susan Williams, Julie Edwards, Jim & Gage S.

Second Row: Brad S., Hilary Vonderheide, Alvin Moudy (with dark hat), Janet Crossland, Ashley Newton, Mike Newton,
Ray & Rhonda Russell, Nathan Williamson , Jimmie S., Rich Jones, Tim Edwards, Beth & Zack Durrett,  David Williams

2014 Reunion Home | Group Photos | More Reunion Photos | Farm & Viola | Viola Homecoming Parade | Reunion Summary

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Photos by Anne S. Napier, Brett Napier, Dale Collier, Madison & Locksley Stubblefield. Credit is given for photos I'm sure I know who took the picture. Photos without specific credit were taken with Anne's camera, by Anne or Madison & others (the group photos that include us). David Collier & Janet Crossland also shared photos. Thanks to all who helped.

Updated August 26, 2014