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Biltmore Estate Visit

West Range Tour ~ September 20, 2014

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Click on all photos for larger images (unless indicated otherwise).

tour guide old house soybeans eaten by deer
Tour guide Dean Henderson Redmond house - the top half? The deer feasted on this field of soybeans.
house in distance house house
House about 3 miles away Zoom photos
house cattle & barn Brett
Zoom photo Black angus cattle Brett
woods sheep barn
Woods White Dorper sheep resting in the shade Barn with silos
lake & trees grapes lake
Lake Vinyard
vinyard trout experiment
Vinyard Facility where Biltmore experimented with trout farming
Jones family cemetery yellow flowers
Joshua Jones Burying Ground, one of five family cemeteries on the estate. The graves are marked with stones which don't show very well in the center photo. Flowers in Antler Hill Village
lagoon reflections house reflected
Above and below: Reflections of Biltmore House at the lagoon
lagoon mushrooms
    Mushrooms & poison ivy at the lagoon

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Updated October 17, 2014