Santa's flight contraption Santa
A Winter's Eve Flight ~ By Suzanne Kanaly
Liberty Township, OH ~ Adult
Fantastical Christmas Contraption
By Jennifer Elmore & Michael Willauer
Apex, NC ~ Adult
A Moment of Solitude
By Jennifer McDade & Todd Wilson Burlington, NC ~ Adult
Birdhouse Christmas nuts misfit toys
The Gingerbird House
By Cameron Tinker ~ Lexington, KY ~ Adult
Nuts about Christmas
By Emily Spafford ~ Maryville, TN ~ Teen
The Island of Misfit Toys
By Meghan Morris ~ Apex, NC ~Teen
Minions Space Santa outdoors
Merry Minion Christmas
By Team Mundy Squared ~ Jordan & John Mundy ~ Asheville, NC ~ Youth
Space Santa
By Mrs. Joyce's Class
Asheville, NC ~ Youth
Anne named this one, "The Forest Floor"
(There was not a name on the tag.)
By Amanda Spafford ~ Maryville, TN ~ Youth
Background: Narnia, The Lion, The Witch
and The Wardrobe
~ By Team CCC ~
Carley & Carter Cantrell ~ Youth
Sunny day at Biltmore Reflections Rear view
Biltmore House

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Photos in header: Niagara Falls; Big Sur, CA; Golden Gate Bridge, CA; Sunset on the Baltic Sea;
Virginia Creeper Trail, VA; Emerald Lake, Yukon, Canada; Glacier Bay, Alaska; Sunset on the Pacific; Triple Falls at DuPont Forest, NC.
Header Photo Credits: All Anne S. Napier except Niagara Falls by Herman Stubblefield.

December 17, 2013