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Biltmore Estate Visit

The Gardens ~ September 7, 2013

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Click on all photos for larger images (unless indicated otherwise).

The Italian Garden

the garden pond white lilies
The Italian Garden seen from the house Plants in the pond White lilies
koi purple lilies Cluster of pink lilies
White & multi-color koi Purple lilies Pink water lilies with small leaves
pink flowers big leaves lilies & clouds pink & yellow lily
Pink flowers with green & purple leaves Pink lilies in the clouds Pink lily with spotted leaves
Victorian lilies Victorian lily blossom the pond
Victorian lilies with cake-pan shaped leaves are night-blooming plants with pineapple-scented blossoms.
little yellow flower pink lily plants
Fringed yellow flower among spotted leaves Pink lilies Plants in the pond ~ Brown seed pods
more plants Pink flower fish
Closer view of plants with pods ~ detail Pink lily Koi in the pond
purple lily white lily Lily plant
Purple lilies White & yellow lily Purple Lily plant ~ flowers detail 1 ~ detail 2

Scenes at the House & Walled Garden

vista wasp nest bee on flowers
View from Loggia on main entrance level Wasp nest on outside wall
of staircase (one of many)
Bee on purple flower
walled garden purple & red more red
The Walled Garden
daliah pink flowers marigold & bee
    Bee on marigold
round planting rose garden peach rose
  The Rose Garden  
more bees on blossoms flowers cream flower
More bees A riot of color Cream flower

The Conservatory

orchid plant with pink & yellow flowers detail of pink & yellow flowers
Yellow & pink orchid Unusual pink & yellow flowers Detail of unusual pink & yellow flowers
wedding table pink flowers orchids
A wedding dinner would be served here later. More pink flowers Orchids

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Biltmore Estate Information
The Italian Garden

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