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Anne S. Napier's Trip to Houston, Texas ~ June 2010

Watson Family Reunion, June 19-20, 2010

Watson Family Reunion 2010
Almost Everyone!

group scene learning family history Lucy & Becky
JoAn's family group + Locksley
Photo by HHS
Learning about family heritage
Photo by HHS
Lucy & Becky
leaders reunion hosts Steve, Lane & Becky
Brian, Lily, Judy, JoAn Reunion Hosts ~ Judy & Haskell Steve, Kim & Becky
Kelly Locksley & Ellen Herman, Lucy & Becky at reunion
Kelly Ellen & Locksley Herman, Lucy & Becky
Becky & Lucy Harrison & Caroline Kim
Becky & Lucy Jeannie, Harrison, Caroline Kim
Jason Jason's children Russell teenagers
Jason Jason's children Aiden & Regan Hannah, Christian & Zachary
Brian & Locksley audience Girls with Guitars
Brian & Locksley ~ Photo by HHS Listening to the music Girls with Guitars ~ Photo by HHS
audience & singers Jeannie, Brian and Lily family at Judy's
Listening to the music Jeannie, Brian & Lily ~ Photo by HHS Family at Judy's
reunion lunch unfinished quilt
Saturday Reunion Lunch at Judy's
Photo by HHS
Judy asked me to bring my quilt, even
if it is still a work in progress
. ~ Photo by HHS
Sunday lunch at Judy's
around the table Haskel, Herman, Judy Brian, Jeannie, & Lily
Photo by HHS Haskell, Herman & Judy Brian, Jeannie, and Lily
Lily aunt & neices Herman & Becky
Lily ~ Photo by HHS Tonye, Becky, and Lucy Herman & Becky
Anne & Tonye Lilly mimicking Girls with Guitars Lily
Sisters: Tonye & Anne Youngest Singer  
Tonye, Herman, Becky Becky & Lucy



To Judy, Haskell, Aunt Lucy, Brian, Jeannie, JoAn and the Girls with Guitars for a great reunion! And thanks to Lily for the joy she brought to us and to everyone for attending.

Tonye, Herman & Becky
  Sisters: Rebecca (87) and Lucy (98)  
This amazing orchid display was installed at the Westchase Marriott, Houston, on Sunday afternoon, June 20, 2010.
How many orchids had to be grown to supply all these blossoms?!! And what did it cost?
orchids orchid display at Marriott " "
" " " "

65th birthday lunch at Steamboat Bill's, Lake Charles, Louisiana
June 21, 2010 ~ Local flavor, great service & really good food!

lunch stop - Lake Charles 65th birthday Becky, Anne & Herman
Steamboat Bill's Birthday Girl Mother, Dad & #1 Daughter
Steamboat Bill's Sign swamp sign at welcome center purple flowers in Louisiana
  "You are smack dab in the middle of North America's largest river swamp - Atychafalya" at the Visitor Center on I-10 ~ June 21, 2010 Ruellia tweediana ~ known as Desert Petunia, Florida Bluebells, Mexican Petunia, Mexican Blue Bells, Texas Petunia ~ in New Roads, LA

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Photos by Anne S. Napier, Herman Stubblefield, & Tonye Stubblefield
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