vetch sign Showy orchis
Carolina Vetch along the road to Big Creek Trail sign Showy Orchis ~ Galearis (Orchis) spectabilis
yellow trillium iris Iris blossom
Yellow Trillium ~ Trillium luteum Dwarf Crested Iris ~ Iris cristata Iris blossom with caterpillar
purple phacelia purple phacelia Jill
Purple Phacelia ~ Phacelia bipennatifida Jill
meado parsnip rue anemone yellow flowers
Meadow Parsnip ~ Thaspium spp. Rue Anemone
Thalictrum (Anemonella) thalictroides
Something yellow with yellow trillium & purple phacelia
fringed phacelia wild geranium yellow trillium
Purple & Fringed Phacelia, Yellow Trillium Wild Geranium ~ Geranium maculatum More yellow trillium
Showy orchis snake wild geraniums
Showy Orchis about to bloom Black snake Wild Geranium
bee on wild geranium trail Jill
Carpenter bee on geranium blossom Trail ~ Pay attention to the rocks! Jill up ahead
creek trillium
Big Creek   White Trillium
Trillium erectum forma albiflorum
visitors at Midnight Hole Midnight Hole " "
Tourists from the Middle East Midnight Hole  
big rocks rocks Jill up ahead
Water & Rocks Jill farther ahead (Anne dragging behind)
the falls falls mouse creek falls
Jill Anne yellow trillium
Jill Anne Yellow trillium
showy orchis squirrel corn
Showy Orchis in full bloom Trail amid green leaves Squirrel Corn
Riders ~ Later on we saw them on the road where a motorcycle had
spooked one the of the mules.
Fire Pink ~ Silene virginica
sedum bubby bush succulent
Sedum in bloom Sweet Shrub ~ Bubby Bush (no larger image)
Calycanthus floridus
Mountain Stonecrop ~ Sedum ternatum

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Photos in header: Niagara Falls; Big Sur, CA; Golden Gate Bridge, CA; Sunset on the Baltic Sea;
Virginia Creeper Trail, VA; Emerald Lake, Yukon, Canada; Glacier Bay, Alaska; Sunset on the Pacific; Triple Falls at DuPont Forest, NC.
Header Photo Credits: All Anne S. Napier except Niagara Falls by Herman Stubblefield.

Photos by Anne S. Napier
Updated May 30, 2014