fhite flower violets ferns
Unidentified white flower White Violets ~ Viola blanda Ferns
Porters creek creek creek
Porters Creek
asters chickweed common cinquefoil
Asters Giant Chickweed ~ Stellaria pubera Michaux Common Cinquefoil ~ Potentilla canadensis
rue anemone rue anemone yellow violet
Rue Anemone
Thalictrum (Anemonella) thalictroides
Round-leaved Yellow Violet
Viola rotundifolia
violets white trillium yellow trillium
Blue Violets ~ Viola sororia (papilionacea) Large-flowered White Trillium
Trillium grandiflorum
Yellow Trillium ~ Trillium luteum
Meadow parsnip Fringed Phacelia Jill
Meadow Parsnip ~ Thaspium spp. Bee on phacelia Jill taking a photo of Phacelia
phlox blue showy orchis
Pink & Blue Phlox ~ Phlox stolonifera Showy Orchis buds
Galearis (Orchis) spectabilis
stinky women Solomon's seal big tree
Why do women have to wear fragrance to
the woods? Two of many. I had to use my rescue inhaler ~ OUTSIDE IN THE FRESH (?) AIR!!!
Solomon's Seal ~ Polygonatum biflorum Jill at the big tree
trail phlox
The trail Unidentified grass with yellow blossoms Blue phlox
white tillium rock wall intersection
Large-flowered White Trillium
Trillium grandiflorum
Old rock wall Trail intersection ~ Trail sign
farm site sign barn sign barn
    Traditional cantilever barn
barn detail spring house cabin sign
Cantilever detail Spring House Smoky Mountain Hiking Club Cabin sign
food sign
The cabin Sign in cabin Fireplace
bunk spring house yellow violet
Two bunks in cabin View of spring house & barn from cabin Yellow lance-leaved violet
trout lily squirrel corn trout lily
Yellow Trout lily ~ Erythronium americanum Squirrel Corn ~ Dicentra canadensis Trout Lily
Fringed phacelia in the woods trail fringed phacelia close up
Fringed Phacelia ~ Phacelia fimbriata
bishop's cap phacelia field beaked trout lily
Phacelia & Bishop's Cap ~ Mitella diphylla More Fringed Phacelia Beaked Trout Lily ~ Erythronium rostratum
rock White trillium white trillium - red bug
Rock covered with Fringed Phacelia White Trillium
Trillium erectum forma albiflorum
White Trillium, red bug
fern branch falls the falls Parsons Creek Falls
Fern Branch Falls & lots of rocks
dwarf ginseng dwarf ginseng blossom blister beetle
Dwarf Ginseng ~ Panax trifolius Blister beetle
large flowered trillium spring beauty big rock
Large-flowered Trillium Spring Beauty ~ Claytonia virginica Big rock beside the trail
Anne Jill bee on Jill's hand
Anne Jill Jill found pollinators everywhere.
bridge view from bridge bridge
Scary footbridge!!! South end of bridge View from middle of bridge Hardly enough room to walk!
wood anemone halberd violet
North end of bridge Wood Anemone ~ Anemone lancifolia Halberd-leaved Violet ~ Viola hastata
bee on trilliuim dwarf iris creek
Bee covered with pollen on Trillium Crested Dwarf Iris ~ Iris cristata Rocks & water
cascade blue butterflies shady creek
Cascade Tiny blue butterflies
(They moved too fast for a good photo!)
Many blue butterflies were
flitting around this area.
creek creek trail
More views of the creek The trail

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