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Anne and Bette Go to Arizona

Day 13, January 29, 2015
Chiricachua National Monument

Chiricahua National Monument
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road & mountains road sign
On the way to Chiricahua from Ft. Bowie Welcome sign at visitor center ~ Text of this sign ~Sign about Sky Islands
(no larger image of sign)
Standing rocks rocks and trees rocks and snow
The Land of Standing Up Rocks
Mexican Jay more rocks sign
Mexican Jay View at Massai Point Description of "Naturally Sculptured Rocks"
Massai Point name Massai Point sign visitor center
Big Foot Massai Massai Point Trail (no larger image of sign) ~ Text Massai Point Visitor Center
View from Massai Point view from visitor center Cochise Stronghold in distance
View of Harris Mountain ~ Sign Another view from the Point Cochise Stronghold
More signs at Massai Point
The Big Blast sign Sky Islands sculptures
Volcano sign ~ Text Sky Islands Species Subhead: "Ice and water carved today's formations from layers of volcanic ash."


night skies

Wilderness Leave No Trace (on the Wilderness sign) Dark Skies ~ Text
deposits sign road
View of China Boy on the way off the mountain from Massai Point Glowing Cloud Deposits Sign Starting to rain ~ We wanted to get off
the mountain before it poured.
more rocks rocks and trees more rocks and trees
Views at the Faraway Ranch Historic District Parking Lot (We didn't go to the ranch.)
on the road birds
On the road back to Hereford Two minutes later ~ Birds! A sky full of birds!

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Arizona ~ Overview 1 ~ Overview 2

Photos in header: Niagara Falls; Big Sur, CA; Golden Gate Bridge, CA; Sunset on the Baltic Sea;
Virginia Creeper Trail, VA; Emerald Lake, Yukon, Canada; Glacier Bay, Alaska; Sunset on the Pacific; Triple Falls at DuPont Forest, NC.
Header Photo Credits: All Anne S. Napier except Niagara Falls by Herman Stubblefield.

May 6, 2015