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2015 Western Trip ~ Overview 1 | Overview 2

Anne and Bette Go to Arizona

Day 10, January 26, 2015
Coronado National Memorial and Hereford

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mountain mountain mountain
On the way to Coronado Visitor Center
visitor center sign Bette & ranger
Visitor Center No larger image Bette and Ranger Perry ~ no larger image
artifacts Expedition sign rain
Artifacts Coronado Expedition Sign (poor photo) Rain on the way back to Bette's
snow snow clouds
Snow on the mountains Clouds breaking up
bird bird dove
Curved-billed Thrasher Dove

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Arizona ~ Overview 1 ~ Overview 2

Photos in header: Niagara Falls; Big Sur, CA; Golden Gate Bridge, CA; Sunset on the Baltic Sea;
Virginia Creeper Trail, VA; Emerald Lake, Yukon, Canada; Glacier Bay, Alaska; Sunset on the Pacific; Triple Falls at DuPont Forest, NC.
Header Photo Credits: All Anne S. Napier except Niagara Falls by Herman Stubblefield.

May 6, 2015