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Day 9 ~ January 25, 2015
Fairbank ~ 1881-1973 and Grand Central Mill ~ 1877-1891

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Sign at Fairbank School school desk
Sign at Fairbank School Fairbank School Museum Original desk
display display case buildings
Display of prehistoric grinding stones Artifacts ~ Detail 1 ~ Detail 2 Buildings
house Trail sign sign
House Trail signs
trail trail trail to cemetery
Trail scenes
view graves and mountains
View from cemetery Graves and view Grave with doll and other toys
grave grave
graves grave graves
mountain trail sign
Mountains Trail Sign about fire
plant trail Mill sign
Plant with long stickers! Trail Grand Central Mill sign
mill left wall right
Grand Central Mill Left side Right side
wall detail hole wall
  Grand Central Mill  
photo of pump town post office
Pump at Grand Central Mill
Photo in Tombstone Courthouse
Fairbank Mercantile Post Office
sunset 1 aerostat - sunset 2 sunset 3
Sunset The speck is the Aerostat  
sunset 4 with aerostat sunset 5 sunset 6
sunset 7 with aerostat sunset 8 sunset 9

San Pedro Brochure about Fairbank / Small San Pedro Fairbank Brochure
Information about Grand Central Mill & Other Stamp Mills
Fairbank and Fairbank Pioneer Cemetery

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Arizona ~ Overview 1 ~ Overview 2

Photos in header: Niagara Falls; Big Sur, CA; Golden Gate Bridge, CA; Sunset on the Baltic Sea;
Virginia Creeper Trail, VA; Emerald Lake, Yukon, Canada; Glacier Bay, Alaska; Sunset on the Pacific; Triple Falls at DuPont Forest, NC.
Header Photo Credits: All Anne S. Napier except Niagara Falls by Herman Stubblefield.

May 6, 2015