Watson reunions

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Watson Family Reunion

Savannah, GA, June 17-19, 2011

With apologies to anyone I missed or whose name I misspelled!

Breakfast June 18 ~ Country Inn & Suites

family one family two E'Beth & Aunt Becky
Becky, Trish, E'Beth, Ellen, Tom, Wynelle,
JoAn, Stuart, Nancy, Nancy, Lorraine
Becky, Trish, E'Beth, Ellen, Tom E'Beth, Aunt Becky, Uncle Herman
family four Talking to Lucy & Judy Stuart
Tom, Trish, Wynelle, Nancy, JoAn Becky, Herman, Stuart talking to
Lucy-Jane and Judith-Ann
Stuart - making a face!
Stuart's children talking about history  
Jack, Colleen, Erin, Glynis Becky, Herman, Wynelle  

Lunch June 18 ~ Soho South

lunch lunch at Soho lunch at Soho
Herman, Becky, Anne, Caroline, Lee,
& Marco ~ Photo by waiter
Nancy, Ben, Ellen, Elizabeth Ellen, Larry, Nancy

Dinner June 18 ~ Crab Shack, Tybee Island

Table 1 Table 1 view 2 Table 1
Table 1 Herman, E'Beth, Nancy, JoAn, Larry
Photo by Tonye
Foreground left to right:
Herman & Becky, Wynelle.
Table 2 Table 2 Table 2
Table 2. Lorraine, Colleen, Glynis Caroline, Stuart, Marco, Nancy, Lee at
Table 2. Tonye & Ellen in background.
Table 2 left side: Lee, Erin, Lorraine. Right
Side: Marco & Stuart. ~ Photo by Tonye
Table 2 Table 2 Ellen & Tonye
Table 2 left front: Lee. Right side:
Marco, Stuart & Caroline. ~ Photo by Tonye
Table 2 left to right: Stuart, Marco,
Nancy, Lee, and Jack
Marco, Tonye, Ellen, Nancy



For all the cat lovers in the family

Cat Shack another cat
Warning Sign at the Cat Shack Cat Shack at the Crab Shack Cat having a snack
Little girl petting cat gray cat cat at Cat Shack
Visiting child petting cat Gray cat eating in the Cat Shack Cat in the Shack

Breakfast June 19 ~ Country Inn & Suites

Harrison & Aunt Becky Ellen, Nancy & Aunt Becky Cousins & Aunt Becky
Harrison and Aunt Becky Ellen, Nancy & Aunt Becky Anne, Ellen, Nancy, Caroline & Becky
Trish & Tonye Cousins Lorraine & Stuart
Trish & Tonye Trish, Anne & Caroline Harrison, Lorraine, Stuart, Erin
Colleen Harrison and Caroline  
Colleen Harrison & Caroline  

Stubblefields' visit to Stuart and Nell

Photos by Anne & Tonye
Updated August 16, 2013

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