Elizabeth & Herman Jill & Carol Berry Cousins
Elizabeth & Herman ~ photo CWS Jill S. & Carol Berry ~ photo CWS Jim, Locksley & Brad ~ photo CWS.
Jack Carl & Steve ladies
Jack Carl Russell & Steve ~ photo CWS. Lanelle Bufford, Rose Bufford & Bette S.
Brad & Jack Locksley & Carolyn Larry Pirtle
Brad & Jack Locksley & Carolyn ~ photo CWS Larry Pirtle
John Carol & Jeanne Colliers
John Bufford Carol Russell & daughter Jeanne Newton Julia, David & Daniel Collier ~ photo CWS
Herman & David Ursula Julia & Daniel
Herman S. & David Collier Ursula Collier ~ No larger image Julia & Daniel Collier
Carol, Jill, Locksley John & Jack Larry & Charlotte
Carol, Jill & Locksley ~ photo CWS John B. & Jack ~ photo CWS Larry & Charlotte Pirtle ~ photo CWS
Jim S. group Herman
Jim S. ~ Emcee ~ No larger image Foreground: Beth, Jill, Betty
Background: Carol B., Charlotte, Jeanne, Daniel, Julia
group group group

Foreground: Steve, Jack, Landon, Carolyn, Herman
Background: Daniel, Ursula, Julia, Locksley, Brad,
Carl, Mr. Durbin, Karen Durbin, Larry Pirtle, Riley

Foreground: Carol, Carl, Karen D., Larry, Riley D.
Background: Brad, Mr. Durbin
Rainey Durbin, Elizabeth, Charlotte Pirtle
Steve & audience Anne
Karen & Tim Durbin, Larry P., & Riley D. Steve's turn to talk Anne ~ Photo David Collier

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Photos by Anne S. Napier except as noted
August 5, 2013