Front row: Susan & David Williams, Grant Williamson, Beth Durrett

Back row: Carol & Carl Russell, Clair & Nathan Williamson, Jimmie Stubblefield, Lisa Lindsey

Photo at left by Jimmie S.

Paul Fults & Herman S. Doug & Grant Margie & Michelle
Paul Fults & Herman S. Doug & Grant Bufford Margie Lemmons & Michelle Bufford
Carl group Elizabeth
Carl Russell Group photo Elizabeth Pirtle
Mille & grandson Millie & Orion Tonye & Ellen
Millie S. & Orion A. Millie & Orion Tonye S. & Ellen S.
group John Jill
Group scene Group scene Jill S.
Jack & Grant Eric & Laura
Jack S. & Grant B. Doug B. & Dwayne S. Eric Hildreth & Laura S.
Williams family Jenn & John S. Claire & little boys
Susan & David Williams & Beth Durrett Jenn & John Clair Williamson, John Stephen S., & Grant W.
Jack Jim, Bryan & Grant group
Jack S. Bryan, Jim & Grant S. Beth, Bryan & Jim
group Albertson girls Kyle & mom
Group Andromeda & Leanndra A. Kyle & Cherrie
Sandy & Herman group
Sandy & Uncle Herman Sandy& Grandson Orion Aunt Millie's family
Riley & Larry Anne & Landon Locksley
Riley & Grandfather Larry Anne & nephew Landon S. Emcee Locksley
group Jimmie Jimmie & Lisa
Group Carol, Jimmie, Ellen Jimmie & daughter Lisa
Becky Bryan Jim and Grant
Becky ~ Photo by Carolyn S. Bryan ~ Photo by Carolyn S. Jim & Grant ~ Photo by Carolyn S.
Laura Laura & Eric Elizabeth, Lisa & Anne
Laura ~ Photo by Carolyn S. Eric & Laura ~ Photo by Carolyn S. Elizabeth, Lisa & Anne ~ Photo by Carolyn S.
at the farmhouse well house well house
Visiting at the farmhouse Well house foundation built from stones from the chimneys & foundation of the old house that was torn down in 2010

The house was built in 1863. The well was dug in 1885.

well house well house farm scene
Well house foundation Tonye & Herman Farm view
well Bryan at the well the well
Bryan & Beth at the well ~ Photo by Carolyn S. Bryan ~ Photo by Carolyn S. What Bryan saw ~ If you view the larger image you can see the reflection of the photographer, Carolyn S.

Supper at Steve & Jill's

Becky & Herman Steve Jill
Becky & Herman Steve Jill & Jenn fixing supper
John Stephen Beth & Bryan John Stephen & Bryan
John Stephen Beth & Bryan John Stephen & Bryan
Herman & Steve family John Stephen & Jill

Herman & Steve

Jenn, Beth, John Stephen, Jill, Carolyn John Stephen & Grandmother Jill

July 29 & 30, 2012 ~ Sightseeing: Chestnut Grove, Viola, Viola Cemetery, Cumberland Academy

Chestnut Grove sign Chrestnut Grove church cemetery
Chestnut Grove sign Chestnut Grove Church of Christ building Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Viola church sign Viola church corn field
Viola church sign Viola Church of Christ building Field where Dad took his first airplane ride
Viola cemetery house Jeff Hall built cornerstone
Viola Cemetery House built by Jeff Hall, Anne's
great-grandfather (near Viola Cemetery)
Cornerstone on Viola School (now community center) ~ Herman & Anne attended the school in the buildng built in 1921, where Aunt Lota taught for many years.
Cumberland Academy sign
Cumberland Academy building
Cumberland Academy Church of Christ sign Cumberland Academy building

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