Subblefield Family Reunion - almost everyone
First generation Above: almost everyone! Oldest ones there
Current first generation: Carl, Carol, Becky, Jimmie,
Herman, LaNelle, Bob, Elizabeth, Jack, Betty, Carolyn
  Oldest Cousins ~ Elizabeth (age 91) &
Herman (age 89) and still going strong!
Becky visiting Herman & Steve
Becky Herman, Glenna, Becky, Skylar, Jack Herman & Steve
Jonathan & Cody Jordan Sandra & Scott
Jonathan & Cody Jordan Sandra & Scott
Steve and Kids Brad & Herman Elizabeth & Herman
Steve, Jillian & Skylar Brad & Herman Elizabeth & Herman
landon-locksley-ellen Jack and Betty group
Landon, Locksley & Ellen Jack & Betty Scott, Carolyn, Herman, Becky & Tonye
Doug and Michele Betty & Carol food line
Doug & Michele Betty & Carol Food line
Scott, Carolyn & Herman LaNelle & Bob & others group scene
Scott, Carolyn & Herman LaNelle and Bob  
Betty and Allison little girls Jim the emcee
Glenna, Betty & Allison Haley, Abby & Skylar Jim
Century farm plaque

Aunt Carolyn & Cousin Steve were successful in having the State of Tennessee recognize the Stubblefield Farm as a Century Farm earlier in 2010. In 2014 we'll celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the farm in Warren County, Tennessee, by William Stubblefield.


Century Farm Sign
Informaton about the Century Farm Program
Letter from Dr. Carroll Van West, Director of the MTSU Center for Historic Preservation.
Tennessee Century Farms Facebook Page

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Updated August 28, 2014